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Fixing A Leaking Shower

Leaking Shower? What to Do and Who to Call?

As you step into the bathroom, you notice that the floor is wet, and there’s an obvious puddle on the floor.
Leaking showers are more than just an inconvenience they can cause significant structural damage if they are not rectified

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Potential Damage:

The water from a leaking shower can seep into walls, floors, and other structures, causing extensive damage over time.
Mould and mildew can also take root, leading to health concerns. Ignoring the issue or attempting a temporary fix may lead to more significant problems down the line.

Shower Sealing: A Fundamental Solution

Shower sealing is the way of preventing leaks. The shower area is a wet environment by design, but it must be watertight to contain the water and prevent it from infiltrating other parts of your bathroom. If you notice water leaks around the outside of your shower or you an see gaps or cracks in the tiles this is usually the culprit.

Assess the Condition:

Begin by inspecting the condition of your shower seals, silicone or grout. Look for any cracks, gaps, or signs of deterioration. The grout between tiles and the silicone sealant around the base of the shower are common areas where sealing issues occur.
You can also try and do a leak test to confirm that the water from withing the shower recess is leaking out.

Leaky Shower Door or Screen

Sometimes puddles on the floor can be caused by the sealing around the shower screen failing and water is coming out through the shower screen joins or seals.
Here’s how to tell:
Is there rust or corrosion around the frame of your shower door or screen?
Look at the silicone or caulk around your shower door or screen. If it is cracked or peeling, this is where water can escape from.
If this is the case, you may need a new shower screen or the existing screen re siliconed into place.
Replacing the silicone can be easily done if the tiles and grout are in good condition.


If you notice that the grout between your tiles is cracked or disintegrating, it’s a sign that the grouting is compromised. Regrouting the tiles can be a DIY project for those who are handy, but it’s a task better left for professionals to tackle. Read more about what is involved with regrouting here.
It involves removing the old grout and applying new, waterproof grout to ensure that the tiles and shower recess are again water tight.

One way to check if this is the case, you can do a quick water leak test.
Cover the drain hole with waterproof tape and then fill the bottom of the shower recess with water.
Adding a bright food colour dye will help show where the water is escaping from. ( Please note adding colour could stain your grout – you may want to do a patch test first)
Make sure you know what level you have filled the shower base up to and then leave it for several hours.
If the grout has failed, you will see the water on the bathroom floor.

Leaking Shower(3)

Tile Repair or Tile Sealing: Restoring the Appearance

Beyond sealing, the condition of your tiles can also contribute to shower leaks. Cracked or damaged tiles can allow water to penetrate and create a mess in your bathroom. Tile repair and sealing are essential for not only fixing the problem but also enhancing the appearance of your shower.

Tile Inspection:

Carefully examine the tiles in your shower area. Look for cracks, chips, or missing pieces. Even small imperfections can lead to water infiltration over time.


Tile Repair:

If you discover damaged tiles, replacing them is the best course of action. This task can be complex. , If you have replacement or spare tiles, you will be able to swap the old tile out.
BUT usually when there is a number of tiles to replace, your waterproofing may be compromised.
At Leaking Showers Sealed, we can at times repair or replace broken or damaged tiles if there is no damage to the waterproofing membrane that the tiles sit on. At other times, we will have to advise you that the shower will require more work.

Tile Sealing:

Tiles can develop small pores or become porous over time, allowing water to seep through. Tile sealing is a process where a protective sealant is applied to the tiles to create a water-resistant barrier. This not only helps prevent leaks but also enhances the longevity and appearance of your shower.

Professional Assistance: When to Call the Experts

While some minor shower-related issues can be addressed with DIY solutions, there are situations where professional assistance is not just recommended but necessary.
Here are some signs that you should call in the experts:

Persistent Leaks:

If you’ve attempted to fix the leak multiple times, and it keeps coming back, it’s a clear sign that there might be an underlying issue that requires professional diagnosis and repair.

Structural Damage:

If you notice visible structural damage in your bathroom, such as warped walls, sagging ceilings, or deteriorating flooring, you need professional help. Water damage can have long-term consequences on the structural integrity of your home.

Mould and Mildew:

If you discover mould or mildew in your bathroom, it’s not just a cosmetic issue. Mould can have serious health implications, and its presence indicates moisture problems that need professional attention.

Outdated Plumbing:

If your plumbing system is old and outdated, it may be the source of your leaking shower. Professionals can assess the plumbing and replace it if necessary to prevent further issues.

Seal the Deal: Say Goodbye to Leaking Showers

Experience the difference with Leaking Showers Sealed expert regrouting and shower sealing services.
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Contact us today to enjoy a leak-free, hassle-free shower experience! Your bathroom deserves the care it needs – act now!


Regular Maintenance:

Once your shower is repaired, make a commitment to perform regular maintenance to keep it in excellent condition. Regular cleaning, resealing, and grout maintenance can extend the life of your shower.

Wrapping Up the Drip: Your Path to a Leak-Free Shower

Dealing with a leaking shower can be a major inconvenience that disrupts your routine and affects your mood. It’s essential to address this issue promptly, whether through shower sealing, tile repair, or by seeking professional assistance. 

By taking the right steps, you can restore your shower to its former glory and regain the tranquillity of your daily routine. 

Don’t let a leaking shower continue to dampen your day – take action and enjoy a stress-free bathroom experience once more.

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