Regrout Tiles

Remove And Replace The Grout

Over the years, your shower is used everyday by all occupants in the home.
That is a lot of hours of wear and tear. With years of constant use, your shower and bathroom grout will start to get a build up of mould, and general scum. Grout is porous and the more you clean and scrub it, you actually weaken it and this is when mould can get a foot hold within the grout. The vicious cycle is then started – the more you clean and scrub, the weaker your grout becomes. The more the grout breaks down the more uneven it looks and it starts to pit and crack, which appears as dirty areas. This starts to further break down the grout which is the first line of defense from water leaking behind the tiles and through the waterproofing membrane.

Need To Fix Your Leaking Shower?

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No More Dirty Grout

  • Don’t live with grubby grout! Re grout and save! Grout can get beyond cleaning, whether it’s in your walls or floors
  • Mechanically grind out old grout with a diamond blade and apply epoxy grout that is flexible, water repellent, dirt resistant and mould resistant
  • Epoxy grout is designed for hygiene and has a high chemical and physical resistance. Regrout your tiles with this modern day grout solution
  • Seal the bathroom floor and wall joints that will contain excess water splashes from penetrating through wall and floor joints

What Is Grout

Traditionally grout is a mixed paste of water, cement, sand, coloured clay and fine gravel and it is a form of cement. This is why it will start to chip and crumble over time.
Regrouting involves removing broken or cracked grout from the joint between tiles.
Leaking Showers Sealed can professionally regrout the joints if the grout between your marble tiles is discoloured or greasy, or perhaps remove marble, loosened or even missing in places.

Grout repairs:
  • Cracked, crumbling or missing grout material
  • Pitting caused by harsh chemicals
  • Colour-matched grout lines

Why Regrout?

Most people, when they see broken and ugly tiles or a leaky shower, they think or say that “the old tile or shower needs to be replaced”. However, regrouting is a far better option than that. 


  • Regrouting can be less expensive than re-tiling and will leave your tiled surfaces looking like new again. On the contrary, a typical re-tiling project includes costs for:
  • Removal and disposal of old tile
  • Cost of installing and grouting the new tiles

Replacement of fixtures

  • Faucets, toilet, bathtub, vanity, shower screen, towel bar


  • Regrouting can usually be done with less downtime than re-tiling or a full renovation


  • In today’s throw away society, regrouting is recycling. Your old tiles are going to end up in the trash. A simple rework will make them look new again


  • A well-presented property can increase the sale price by thousands of dollars, sell faster and appeal to a broader range of buyers

Why Use The Services From Leaking Showers Sealed?

  • Professional and skilled staff
    We document are whole process with before, during and after photos. So, you can see that we’ve actually done what we’ve promised to do, and we send the photos to you in an email for your records.
  • Avoid Costly Renovations with Regrouting
    Improve the look of all your tiled areas and floors. Instead of replacing tiles, you may want to consider regrouting.
  • Focus on customer service
    Our staff are dedicated to making sure that after cleaning, your tiles appear brand new again.
  • Improve the look of your tiles and floor
    We use epoxy grout that is stain resistant and will stay clean. Choose a lighter and brighter grout colour to lift the appearance of all your tiled areas.
  • Solution for mould and mildew
    we can’t eradicate it completely, it can grow back if it’s given the right environment as spores are always in the air.
  • Environmental friendliness
    In this throw away society, regrouting is recycling. If your tiles are in good condition, a professional clean and regrout will make them look new again!