Reseal Tiles

Reseal Floor Tiles

What is involved? Tiles such as unglazed ceramic and natural stone tiles definitely need to be sealed. Sealing is exactly like Scotch Guarding your floor and helps to maintain its aesthetic appeal and increase their durability. Stone flooring can be incredibly expensive to install in your home, so protecting their surface from stains makes sense. Sealing also stops grout from becoming discoloured and stained as well.

A sealer helps prevent and reduce staining by preventing spills from penetrating beneath the surface. It acts like a barrier, protecting your natural stone or unglazed tiles. It is considerably simpler to properly maintain your investment when your tiles are sealed. 

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reseal tiles

How To Know Which Tiles Can Be Sealed?

Many tiles are porous, depending on the material they are made of. This means that even after going through our professional tile and grout cleaning services , they can still attract and hold dirt and debris.

It is easy to determine if your tiles are porous. Simply press on a tile with a damp cloth for a few seconds. If a dark stain remains, the tile is porous and needs to be sealed.

Sealing is crucial in high-traffic areas of the home, rooms that are often damp, or areas where food and drink are consumed. 

  • Applying a sealer can solidify the colour, create a gorgeous shine, and provide either a matte or high-gloss finish. 
  • If you want to protect your tile floors, you can apply a high-quality sealer to make areas like the bathroom and kitchen safe for the whole family. We can also apply a non slip formulation for wet areas.
  • Sealing your tile will also ensure that the tile cleaning you do is more effective and lasts much longer.

Get Your Stone Tiles Looking Beautiful Again!

Stone tiles look fantastic on any wall or floor, but some varieties of stone are prone to scratching and must be frequently resealed to prevent severe damage.

During manufacturing, tiles can be either polished or given a matte finish. However, as tile designs and trends continue to change over the years, you may find it challenging to find replacements for your old manufactured tiles. 

Contacting a tile resealing and grout cleaning service in Sydney now can save you money and time in the future.

reseal tiles

Why Use The Services From Leaking Showers Sealed?

  • Professional and skilled staff
    We document are whole process with before, during and after photos. So, you can see that we’ve actually done what we’ve promised to do, and we send the photos to you in an email for your records.
  • Avoid Costly Renovations with Regrouting
    Improve the look of all your tiled areas and floors. Instead of replacing tiles, you may want to consider regrouting.
  • Focus on customer service
    Our staff are dedicated to making sure that after cleaning, your tiles appear brand new again.
  • Improve the look of your tiles and floor
    We use epoxy grout that is stain resistant and will stay clean. Choose a lighter and brighter grout colour to lift the appearance of all your tiled areas.
  • Solution for mould and mildew
    we can’t eradicate it completely, it can grow back if it’s given the right environment as spores are always in the air.
  • Environmental friendliness
    In this throw away society, regrouting is recycling. If your tiles are in good condition, a professional clean and regrout will make them look new again!