Before Your Resealing Work

Preparation Before Your Shower Resealing

To get the best results – We ask if you can follow a couple of simple steps.

  1. Ensure the shower area is clean and dry
  2. Ideally don’t use your shower 24hrs prior to your reseal
  3. If you must use the shower the night before … towel down the shower after use, and place a bucket under the shower head to catch any drips
  4. The work we do is quite dusty we take great care in reducing the dust we create by using a high grade vacuum and extraction fan. But we still recommend that you:
    • Remove personal belongings
    • Cover items that are not easily wiped down
    • Close doors in other rooms to the home to prevent dust from entering.

Need To Fix Your Leaking Shower?

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Why Use The Services From Leaking Showers Sealed?

  • Professional and skilled staff
    We document are whole process with before, during and after photos. So, you can see that we’ve actually done what we’ve promised to do, and we send the photos to you in an email for your records.
  • Avoid Costly Renovations with Regrouting
    Improve the look of all your tiled areas and floors. Instead of replacing tiles, you may want to consider regrouting.
  • Focus on customer service
    Our staff are dedicated to making sure that after cleaning, your tiles appear brand new again.
  • Improve the look of your tiles and floor
    We use epoxy grout that is stain resistant and will stay clean. Choose a lighter and brighter grout colour to lift the appearance of all your tiled areas.
  • Solution for mould and mildew
    we can’t eradicate it completely, it can grow back if it’s given the right environment as spores are always in the air.
  • Environmental friendliness
    In this throw away society, regrouting is recycling. If your tiles are in good condition, a professional clean and regrout will make them look new again!