Leaking Shower Repairs

Fix Leaking Showers

Don’t Renovate, Regrout Your Shower
Regrouting and sealing your shower will have it looking clean and fresh and more importantly – All the fresh and future waterproofing problems are rectified.

Not only does it cost a lot less, but it’s faster and a lot less work than a complete bathroom renovation. 

Leaking Showers Sealed has experience of over 20 years of grouting and regrouting tiles. Call us 0402 700 051 now to know more. 


What Is Involved With Leaking Shower Repairs

How do we make your bathroom and shower look fresh again?

Leaking Showers Sealed offers the following services:

  • Regrouting your shower with new mould resistant grout
  • Grinding and scraping out the old grout
  • Replacing the old grout with epoxy grout
  • Silicone removal and replacement
  • Complete clean up afterwards

How can we make sure your kitchen tile floor lasts?
The secret to long-lasting shower reapairs is epoxy grout. Epoxy grout is a two-part plastic resin mixed with a filler impervious to penetrating stain liquids and repairs solids and is more suitable for harsh cleaning products. Epoxy grout offers greater bond strength and chemical resistance than cement grout and a surface that is easy to clean using conventional methods.

Not only does it mean your floors will be more hygienic and last longer, but it also means you can clean them thoroughly and effectively without worrying about them being damaged by harsh chemicals.

Epoxy Grout

About our epoxy materials: 

  • Epoxy grout is an improved reaction resin and slip resistant adhesive suitable for fast setting acid-resistant bonding of ceramic or stone tiles
  • It is low porosity, meaning it prevents bacteria, mildew or mould accessing the area beneath the surface
  • It’s highly resistant to stains and wear and tear
  • It’s perfect for light-coloured grouts since it is easy to clean
  • Epoxy grout is highly resistant to chemicals, so it can handle typical bathroom cleaning products
  • It is the best option for harsh locations where there’s regular use of harsh chemicals such as schools, healthcare, and commercial kitchens
  • It’s colour doesn’t fade over time 
  • Epoxy grout is a waterproof grout for tiling because of its impermeable nature of plastic
  • It won’t scratch delicate surfaces such as metal, marble, or glass tiles
  • It has excellent bond strength
  • Epoxy needs low maintenance compared to cement grout

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