Tile And Grout Cleaning

Tile & Grout Cleaning Services

Often when we are regrouting a shower, we notice that the bathroom floors could also use a bit of TLC. And once we get the bathroom floors looking clean and amazing – We are then asked to clean the kitchen floor! Let’s talk about why our tile and grout cleaning service is different to what a carpet cleaning company typically does.

You have two ways to clean the tiles and grout.

The first way is Steam cleaning – this is what the carpet cleaning companies offer.

The second way is Brush Cleaning – this is what we offer as tile experts. As we have mentioned, traditional cement grout is porous, and over time it weakens.
High blasts of steam will chemically change the grout’s structure and further weaken it.
Steam cleaning it will make it look clean. There is no denying that fact BUT steam cleaning will weaking the grout and make the grout stain and attract even more grime, which means you will need to do it more often.

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Our Tile Cleaning Solution

To achieve long-lasting and effective results, we use a rotating floor cleaning machine with special cylindrical, counter-rotating brush technology. We add a liquid cleaning solution to clean the grout and tiles. As a result, your tile floor will be sparkling clean, and the grout lines will regain their original colour.
The Leaking Showers Sealed team has cleaned or regrouted thousands of square feet of tiles. To get the greatest outcomes, we conduct the following crucial actions:

  • Grout is a very porous substance and therefore will discolour over time
  • To ensure a long-lasting and effective finish, we use a rotary floor cleaning machine with specialist twin cylindrical counter rotating brush technology in combination with the use of liquid cleaning solution to help clean the grout and tiles
  • This leaves your tiled floor sparkling clean and and brings the grout back to its original colour
  • Repair or replace cracked, chipped or broken tiles

Always Have Clean Grout

If dirty grout is one of your pet peeves – There is a solution.
Applying a sealer to freshly cleaned grout will keep it cleaner for longer the old cement grout and replace it with Epoxy grout.We can remove the old grey or brown cement grout and replace it with a lighter colour that will NOT stain, it will NOT need cleaning and you can have a light bright looking grout throughout your home.

Why Use The Services From Leaking Showers Sealed?

  • Professional and skilled staff
    We document are whole process with before, during and after photos. So, you can see that we’ve actually done what we’ve promised to do, and we send the photos to you in an email for your records.
  • Avoid Costly Renovations with Regrouting
    Improve the look of all your tiled areas and floors. Instead of replacing tiles, you may want to consider regrouting.
  • Focus on customer service
    Our staff are dedicated to making sure that after cleaning, your tiles appear brand new again.
  • Improve the look of your tiles and floor
    We use epoxy grout that is stain resistant and will stay clean. Choose a lighter and brighter grout colour to lift the appearance of all your tiled areas.
  • Solution for mould and mildew
    we can’t eradicate it completely, it can grow back if it’s given the right environment as spores are always in the air.
  • Environmental friendliness
    In this throw away society, regrouting is recycling. If your tiles are in good condition, a professional clean and regrout will make them look new again!