Shower Repair and Regrout In Hazelbrook

We were asked by PRD Property managers to repair a leaking shower in Hazelbrook
The shower base had loose tiles which would soon start to cause major structural damage to the shower and bathroom.
We were able to extend the life of the shower and tiling until the bathroom was ready to be fully renovated.

We inspected the shower and after the shower had been inspected we offered the property management team two options

Option 1: Full Seal Walls and Floor Regrouted
This option includes a comprehensive solution to address the water seepage issue and restore the crisp colour of the wall and floor grout.

Option 2: Base Seal Floor Regrouted  
This option addresses the water seepage problem while excluding the restoration of wall grout.

The client went ahead with Option 1

Before the work

What the regrouting job entailed.

We had to split this job into two days.
As there were 10 tiles that were loose caused by water seeping underneath them.

Main Shower Full Seal – Walls and Floor

Precision Machining
Both the floor and wall grout lines undergo
careful grinding with a diamond blade to ensure an immaculate
surface, providing a solid foundation for resealing.
** Re-grouting** The shower walls are re-grouting with Ardex FSDD.
This advanced, hydrophobic, and mould-resistant grout guarantees
lasting performance.

Advanced Epoxy Sealing
We apply Ardex Eg15 Epoxy grout to
seal the shower floor grout and perimeter. This high-performance
epoxy grout provides superior durability and exceptional water

Professional Silicone Application The existing silicone
surrounding the shower screen is removed and replaced with Ardex
St Silicone. While we strive for improvement, we cannot guarantee
fixes for leaking shower screen frames

Tap Sealing
Taps are carefully sealed behind using silicone, a
small yet significant step in our thorough sealing process.

Bathroom left clean and tidy.

During the work

Final Results After Regrouting and Tile Cleaning